YOU matter to us. Which is why at SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia
you will find your COMMUNITY and a place to belong.
One investment, so many BENEFITS

Elevate Your Aquatic Expertise

Become a Leader: Go beyond “just” a swim teacher, coach, or swim school business owner. Be an industry leader who shapes the future of aquatics in Australia.

Resources & Benefits: Access a treasure trove of resources specifically designed for your membership category, empowering you to excel and exceed in your aquatic career.

Community Connection: Network and collaborate with like-minded swim professionals from across the world. Share best practices, inspire each other, and make a bigger impact together.

Invest in Your Success: A SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia Membership and/or SWIM Schools Australia Membership is your gateway to industry knowledge, expertise, and a supportive community.

Make a Difference: Join a movement dedicated to aquatic excellence and safety. Your contribution helps shape a brighter future for the industry.

Start Your Aquatic Journey Today! Become a member and unlock a world of possibilities.

What our Members say

I’ve been a member of SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia for all this time and have relied heavily on them for advice, for guidance and for information. I can honestly say they are the best resource as a business owner that I’ve had over the time.

“They are always there to help you. They have brilliant webinars, they have an amazing resource library with lots of resources, videos and YouTube clips and papers by swimming teachers and coaches. So, it is brilliant no matter what level you are. I would highly recommend you join today.”

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