Building a better Aquatic Industry

As a member of SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia (SWIM) you will be part of the only industry association representing Coaches, Teachers, and Swim Schools. Our community is committed to enhancing aquatic professionals and strengthening the businesses they own and work with. At our core is a drive to provide services and support that enhance success at all levels. We develop and deliver industry leading training, set best practice standards, establish professional development programs, identify growth opportunities, and offer business support.

All elements coming together to create a stronger and more advanced industry.

Learn from Industry

Our education equips aspiring teachers and coaches with skills to teach water safety and swimming skills to learners of all ages. Our courses use a blended approach, combining self-paced online study with face-to-face practical workshops.

At SWIM, we are passionately committed to the continuous improvement of aquatic skills, methodologies, and business operations. With over 50,000 members across the country, we provide a platform for success by engaging with skilled and successful educators and delivering trusted advocacy for our community.

Join us at SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia and let us help you achieve your aquatic aspirations.




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SWIM Campaigns & Initiatives

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