We’re all about creating a safer, smarter, and stronger nation of swimmers. As the guiding force behind over 600 swim schools nationwide, SWIM Schools Australia is proud to be your national authority on teaching swimming and water safety.

Our mission? To take learning to swim in Australia to new heights – helping every Australian discover the joy of swimming and crucial water safety knowledge through the most engaging swimming.

Through our distinctive ‘Layers of Protection’ plan, SWIMSAFER programs, and our dedicated swim teaching courses, we’re on a relentless mission to slash the rate of drowning in Australia permanently. And we’re not alone in this journey. Our impressive network of Swim Schools includes over 600,000 families participating in swimming lessons each week, making us the largest network of our kind in the country.

Swim Schools Membership

Expand your Network – Expand your SWIMfluence – Expand your Opportunities!

Ready to take your swim school to the next level? SWIM Schools Australia is an exclusive membership association designed to empower swim schools. Join our thriving community of passionate educator and unlock exclusive resources to elevate your program, your teachers and business, and gain access to valuable discounts that boost your bottom line.

It’s time to stop swimming alone – become a member and dive into a world of support, growth, and industry-leading expertise.

SWIM School Australia Benefits

Employment and Advertising


Free promotion of your SWIM School on social media

  • We promote your Swim School on social media platforms by sharing our visits and celebrating your achievements
  • Reach over 5000 followers

Brand Association

Be seen as an industry leader, promoting your commitment to professionalism and high standards by using our SWIM Schools Australia logos at your pool, on your website and social media

Information and Resources

Business Benefits

Higher Recognition

Personalised on-site guidance

  • Apply for Endorsed recognition of your swim school quality
  • Includes visits by our Executive Officer to your SWIM School to provide feedback on your facilities, programs and daily operations

Discounts and Networking

Our plans for the future

We have listened to your requests and are working on creating more exciting benefits based on your needs.

Stay tuned for more

  • Resources
  • Relationships
  • Networking

What our Members say

I’ve been a member of SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia for all this time and have relied heavily on them for advice, for guidance and for information. I can honestly say they are the best resource as a business owner that I’ve had over the time.

“They are always there to help you. They have brilliant webinars, they have an amazing resource library with lots of resources, videos and YouTube clips and papers by swimming teachers and coaches. So, it is brilliant no matter what level you are. I would highly recommend you join today.”

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